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 Andrew Weinstein, Associate Professor, FIT, “Reading Women Into the Story,” the Lineage of Vision Exhibition Catalogue, October 2014

“Having trained in the 1970s and 80’s in traditional ink painting, Sungsook Hong Setton continues to work in a representational mode, but just as often she uses her medium for abstraction. Even as abstraction has become less prominent in contemporary art generally, it persists in the Korean contexts, maybe in part because its carefully controlled method and expressive forms lend themselves to communicating Eastern philosophy. Control, expression, and philosophical wisdom are, in fact what Setton admires about Jackson Pollock: “we both have a concept of and emphasize spontaneity, intuition, and inner energy,” she writes, “but … Pollock fills the painting…. [while] I use empty space in addition to line and color as representational of my energy.” Hers are personal strategies she relates to traditional East Asian cosmology.”



Rick Coster, art and music columnist, “Artists in their Own write,” The Day, April 15, 2014

“Sungsook Setton’s Opus 7” seems similar to what Jackson Pollock might do if he’d studied with a master of calligraphy, blending bright colors into what are more typically black, white and gray works.”